8 Ideas for Celebrating National Princess Week

Do you have your tiara ready for National Princess week which falls on the last full week of April?

National Princess Week is the result of a collaboration between Disney, Target, and Julie Andrews, who has played an on-screen princess and is a children’s book author. Some people on the internet bemoan the week as nothing more than a marketing opportunity for these brands. While this may be true to a degree, there is value to be found in any highlighted topic or theme. 

National Princess Week - 8 Ideas for Celebrating National Princess Week

There are low-cost ways to start a thematic princess unit right at home. If you have young daughters, chances are you already have a lot of the goods needed to pull off a memorable princess week.

National Princess Week - 8 Ideas for Celebrating National Princess Week

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8 Ideas for Celebrating National Princess Week

Here are some ideas to use at home with your own royalty:

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1. Have a tea party

What princess doesn’t enjoy a good tea party?

2. Go beyond Disney to the real multicultural princesses of the world

Take out a few maps or pull one up on your tablet or laptop. Point out different countries to your child and discuss the names of the princesses who live there. Look up some of the princesses ahead of time so you will sound like a princess pro! Some multicultural princess suggestions are: Jetsun Pema, Keisha Omilana, and Princess Victoria.

3. Use National Princess Week as a way to explore the different charities that princesses around the world participate in 

This can be a teachable moment to discover which types of charities most appeals to your child. Use this as a stepping stone to create new charitable opportunities for your own family.

4. Learn how to do a proper princess curtsy and wave

Use this video or this video to learn how to do a proper princess curtsy and way. You’ll also learn a little history on the spelling and purpose of the curtsy.

5. Use princess picture books to do a “look-and-find” activity

Use look-and-find activities to help your little ones build vocabulary, listening, and memory skills. You may already have some actual Disney Look and Find books like Frozen Look and Find and Disney Princess Look and Find, pictured below. But even regular picture books can work to find objects in books based strictly on listening.

National Princess Week - 8 Ideas for Celebrating National Princess Week

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6. Organize a family movie night with your favorite princess movie and a coordinating dinner

A movie with a coordinating dinner is a fun family activity. For example, if your family wants to watch Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” movie, you could serve gumbo or jambalaya to match the cultural food of the New Orleans setting of the movie.

7. Read princess books set in other cultures or languages

Use National Princess Week as a time to enhance your child’s cultural knowledge and language abilities.

National Princess Week - 8 Ideas for Celebrating National Princess Week

8. Create a craft activity centered on princess life such as paper bag princess dresses

Make princess dresses from actual paper bags or butcher paper. You could also read The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch before doing this craft.

Try using these ideas to bring royalty and fun home to make the most of National Princess Week taking place April 23 to 29 this year! 


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