The Amazon Rainforest for Kids with Free Printable Mini-Book

As we raise kids to be global citizens, we want them to develop a sense of wonder at the big world around them.  Before they grow up into adults who protect the earth and care for it, they need to love it when they are little — who doesn’t love monkeys, butterflies, and rivers? Today we’ll explore the magnificent jungles of South America with videos, printables, and more.

Ready to dive into a tour of the Amazon Rainforest for kids?

Amazon Rainforest for KidsPeruvian River, photo courtesy of Freddy Guillen

There’s nothing quite like the magic of the rainforest:  colorful birds, screeching monkeys, and exotic plants. It reminds us that nature can be formidable and dangerous — but also something we need and should cherish. I lived on the edge of the Peruvian jungle for a few years and fell in love with it. We’ll be taking our kids there soon and wanted to give them a taste of it before we set off.

With all the information out there, it can be hard to know where to start. I’ve tried to make things a little easier by collecting my favorite links and videos.  The videos are especially fun, as they bring the sights and sounds to life. I’ve also created a mini-book, All About the Amazon Rainforest, as an introduction for kids with all the basic information in one place. It’s best as a read-aloud for preschool and early elementary and can be read by older elementary students.

The Amazon Rainforest for Kids Mini-Book

Check out these videos to explore and learn more!

An Overview of the Amazon Rainforest for Kids

Virtual Field Trip: Amazon Rainforest

For older elementary and up, unless narrated by a parent/teacher:


The Amazon River for Kids

No narration (teacher/parent might need to read), but beautiful images:


The Layers of the Amazon Rainforest for Kids

Detailed info on the layers:

Some of the info might be too detailed, but the footage for each layer is good:


Animals of the Amazon Rainforest for Kids

Beautiful photos of the different animals, with their names in different languages:

More home-made like video, with very realistic footage:


Why We Should Protect the Rainforest

The Water Cycle:


Helpful Links for Learning More:

Slideshows of Different Rainforests

Researching More About Rainforests

Children’s Stories Set in the Rainforest

Top 10 Rainforest Books for Kids by Pragmatic Mom

Interactive Rainforest Game for Kids


Full-length Documentaries on the Amazon Rainforest

May include some animals hunting/mating so make sure to preview these.

I hope this helps you at home or in the classroom!

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Elisabeth Alvarado is a teacher and mother to two children. She has a B.S. in Elementary Education from UNC-Chapel Hill and blogs about teaching language and Spanglish living at Spanish Mama.

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