Poppy the Proud: Indian Fable and Peacock Craft

Poppy the Proud: Indian Fable and Peacock Craft | Multicultural Kid Blogs
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Multicultural Kid Blogs is thrilled to join Cutting Tiny Bite’s series Around the World in 30 Days.  Since our Global Learning for Kids series is focused on India this month, we’re featuring a lovable children’s book Poppy the Proud (A Peacock Learns a Lesson in India) and a peacock craft.

Poppy the Proud is an Indian fable of a very entitled and beautiful peacock named Poppy.  He struts his wings and walks proudly as everyone admires his beauty.  He is the center of attention, until a new peacock joins the garden.  The new peacock is indeed beautiful, but also very kind, and nice.  All of the animals and peahens in the garden admire the all-white peacock named Snow.  Poppy in an attempt to recover all of the attention does some silly things to look “more” beautiful but fails.   All of the animals laugh at Poppy except for Snow. He tells Poppy how beautiful he is, and that he doesn’t need to do anything.   Poppy surprised with Snow’s response asks why was he so kind? To what Snow responded,
Is there any other way to be?”  “Beauty isn’t about our head dresses and tails. Beauty lives underneath the feathers, deep inside.”
This is a beautiful story of self-worth, and acceptance.   Teaching young children to be true to themselves; and that everyone is special in their own way.  My little one truly enjoyed  this book, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be reading it again.  I also enjoyed how the author and illustrator incorporated aspects of India’s culture into the story line, and with the colorful illustrations.
Today’s craft is a simple and easy to do peacock craft. The peacock is the national bird of India.
  Poppy the Proud: Indian Fable and Peacock Craft | Multicultural Kid Blogs
 The instructions are super easy! Click here for your FREE printable or click on the picture below, copy and paste on a Word document.
Poppy the Proud: Indian Fable and Peacock Craft | Multicultural Kid Blogs
Hope you have as much fun making this adorable peacock craft as my little one and I did!!   Note: Adult assistance is needed with this craft.  You may want to have the template ready for the toddlers, and preschoolers to glue on the feathers.
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  1. Peacocks are beautiful birds. My children love to try to spot the one residing in the Opel Zoo (the nearer zoo). He’s sometimes on the roof of one of the cabin, or hiding behind a bush.
    This craft idea seems really fun to make!

  2. This looks like a fun and colourful activity! Peacocks are so beautiful, but it’s rare to see them even in India except in zoos and preserved sanctuaries.

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