Learning about the World during the Olympics

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The Olympics can be an opportunity for your child to learn valuable life lessons.  One of those life lessons is to appreciate and discover world culture.  It’s one of those rare moments when you are able to see citizens from around the world join together as they celebrate their unique strengths and talents.  Spending time hearing personal stories can bring a better understanding of the devotion and support each athletic has to give to get to the stage of being the best in the world.  One of the things I love the most is the little side stories that the television stations and newspapers will be sharing about specific athletics and the story that brought them to the Olympics.  It’s a little window into the life in a specific country.

Here’s your chance to make a few stories with your own child as they discover where specific athletics are from.  Taking the time to grab the globe, here’s some of our favorite Globes & Maps, and have it close by as you watch the competitions and the upcoming Closing Ceremonies on the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.

Using the globe or map see where the competitors are from and discuss a variety of topics as you explore. Here are some questions to ask even the youngest children.

Questions to Ask during the Olympics with Kids

  • What country do they live in?
  • What continent is that on?
  • What types of land formations are there?
  • What are the typical foods like from that region?
  • What languages are spoken there?
  • What does their country’s flag look like?

Activities to Do During the Olympics with Kids

  • Watch the games together as a family
  • Create your own versions of the winter sports at home together
  • Make flags together of the country and label on a map as they compete
  • Keep track of the medal counts together
  • Cook a special meal from that region who’s competing
  • Check out books about Olympic Winter Sports
  • Learn about the Olympic Flag and what it represents
  • Create an Olympic Craft together: Here are some ideas.

Looking Back at the Winter Olympics

It’s also a special time to reflect on years past together. Many of us have a unique Olympic that we remember the most. Which Gold Medal winner is your all-time favorite memory? Here’s a peek at the last decade of Winter Olympics from the Olympic Committee Videos.  Might be fun to watch together with your child and see what types of questions they ask as they watch.  Encourage them to look for the differences and similarities of the athletes and countries.  See if you can discover varies elements from the hosting countries traditions, famous citizens and more!

Videos of Winter Olympics Summaries

What do you think we expect to discover about the world in Winter Olympics  2018 in Pyeonchang in South Korea?

You can find more creative ideas to teach your child about the world on our Raising Global Citizens Pinterest board!

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